Adjustable Universal Car Fire extinguisher Mounting Bracket

Our Adjustable Universal Car Fire extinguisher Bracket is very easy to install. This bracket for car is universal and can be installed in many vehicles. This bracket is mountable under the front seat’s rail (driver and passenger). After installation, seats will slide normally same as before. It will not trouble in any way.

You will be able to install it by your own. You just have to unscrew two screws of the rail, adjust your bracket and fix the screw again.

Adjustable Universal Car Mount Bracket For Fire extinguisher.

Car mount Brackets are Tested In the following vehicles.

  1. Toyota (Corolla Grande, Corolla Gli AT, Corolla XLi, Corolla Grande, Corolla )
  2. Honda (Civic, City, Civic Oriel)
  3. FAW (V1, V2, V2 1.3)
  4. Suzuki (Cultus VXL, Cultus VXR, Swift)

Brackets Parts And Usage.

Adjustable Universal bracket consists of 4 mail parts. By attaching these parts together you will able to get install the fire extinguisher in your call.

S# Part Quantity Usage
1 Multi Clamp Loop / Straight Loop 2 Get attached with seat rail and are adjustable with the width of the seat. It also helps in adjustment of the place of extinguisher.
2 Multi Drilled Arms for mounting Extinguisher 2  Extinguisher is being mounted on the arms. These arms are adjustable for different sizes of extinguishers length
3 Mail Backbone 1  Every Part of universal car fire extinguisher’s bracket are being attached on it
4 Fire Extinguisher (Buy Now)

Things to do in case of fire in car.

  • First of all, turn off the engine.
  • Secondly Release the bonnet.
  • Your first priority is to get yourself and everyone out of the car.
  • If the fire is huge then keep away from the car.
  • Try to divert the ongoing traffic too.

How To Extinguish A Car Fire.

In case of fire in the engine area, aim the fire extinguisher through the radiator or near the fan (through grills). Never open the bonnet while the fire is flaming.

Use Extinguisher to extinguish the fire.

Which Fire Extinguisher Is For Cars? If you have access to fire extinguisher mounted in your car then you should attempt to put the fire with Dry Chemical Powder or AFFF (Foam) Fire extinguisher.

Never Use Water: because when you pour water, short circuit occurs and the water will spread the fire of petrol.

Must Refill fire extinguisher immediately after fully or partially use