Refilling, Repairing & Maintenance Of Fire Extinguishers

Types: Dry Chemical Powder (ABD & BC), CO2, HCFC / Halon, AFFF Foam, Water.

Refilling And Maintenance Of Fire Extinguishers.

We provide the services of Refilling and maintenance of Fire Extinguishers to our valued clients. Our experts refill these extinguishers using excellent quality chemicals.

  • Once refilled, fire extinguishers are properly being checked for any leakage.
    Refilling services can be availed from us at the most competitive price
  • In our inspection services requirements, we check for the placement of extinguisher, clarity of operating instructions, condition of the extinguisher etc.

When Is It Needed To Refill A Fire Extinguisher?

Fire Extinguishers Needs To Be Refilled On TWO Accounts

Refilling of fire extinguishers is part of a regular maintenance procedure. Property codes are the ones establishing these intervals.



Fire extinguishers need to be refilled every year (after the due/expiry date).


After use (Fully or Partially)

They also need to be refilled after they are used fully or partially, even if there is remaining extinguishing agent in them.

Extinguishers are refilled with a mix of pressurized air and the chosen extinguishing agent. In case of partial use, the pressurized air discharges itself from the extinguisher slowly and gradually, the extinguishing agent is still there but there but the fire extinguisher will not word until it is refilled again.

Our Refilling, Maintenance & Repairing Process

Each Fire Extinguisher that comes to us for refilling, repairing & maintenance undergoes the following standard process



The Fire Extinguisher is manually discharged / fired and emptied.



The extinguisher is then dismantled completely; cylinder is de-stressed.


New extinguishing agent (powder, gas, water or foam) is filled in the cylinder with exact quantity of extinguishing agent.



New Discharge fitment mechanism including all new rubber seals, O rings, and hose pipe



Fire extinguisher is charged pressurized) with 99.99% pure nitrogen



The Fire Extinguisher is then
made to go through Leak tests.

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